Sector 04: The external enemy

Interception of foreigners constituted essentially an extension of control and repression within the country. A feature of the communist dictatorship in Albania was the ever-complete self-isolation from the world, by proclaiming Albania as the only socialist country in the world, which was under siege and comprised the target of the two superpowers and their blocks: the entire world against a small country. At the same time, in the totalitarian mentality of the time, the external enemy appeared as inseparable from the internal enemy. Ultimately, self-isolation aimed at maintaining Albanian society under total control.

The control of the foreigners and the diplomatic corps  has been one of the duties of the House of Leaves. In this sector is presented an illegal film realized undercover by employees of the Operational Technique. The film material denounces the Yugoslavs who “develop” the black market in Albania.

Another room presents documented descriptions of the extent of interception cables in various areas of Tirana mainly near hotels, or plans of technical-television equipment located in the embassies area.

A map located in the center of this room reveals the reasons why this house became the perfect place to intercept people.