The Ministry of Culture successfully completed the muzealization of the building, collaborating with Studio Terragni Architetti Como – New York, Studio XY comm, Milano, State Information Service, Archive of the Ministry of Interior, Albanian Telegraphic Agency, Albanian Institute for Persecuted People, Institute for the Studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences in Albania, The Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture, Albanian Human Right Project, Foundation Culture Europe, National Library of Albania, Central State Film Archive, Central State Archive, Klan National TV, Albanian Radio Television, Albanian Authority on Access to Information on the Former State Security Service.

The working team: Artan Puto, Gëzim Qendro, Bashkim Shehu, Fabian Kati, Kastriot Dervishi, Kurt Forster, Eduard Zaloshnja, Eldon Gjikaj, Bledar Laço, Genc Bejleri, Nesti Vako, Adrian Pepaj.