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Memory Lab Platform visits the Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves”

We had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of over 40 cultural heritage researchers and specialists from 13 European countries who are involved in the study of painful pasts and memory within the International Platform: Memory Lab.The National Museum of Secret Surveillance "House of Leaves" is a co-organizer with Memory Lab which is conducting study visits and seminars in Albania this year. The topic to be discussed is: "Deconstruction of the Past: How Albania is facing its communist past".Following the visit [...]

Youth of the European Youth Parliament,visited the National Museum of Secret Surveillance: “House of Leaves” in the framework of the international forum “Dajti 2019”


By invitation from the National Museum of Secret Surveillance: “House of Leaves”, children from the Multidisciplinary Social Center visited the museum

“Dealing with the past”

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the toppling of Enver Hoxha's statue, in the National Museum of the Secret Surveillance "House of Leaves" was developed the activity "Dealing with the past". This activity, attended by the Ambassador of Switzerland in Albania, Christophe Graf, was developed in English language. In the greeting speech, the Director of the Museum, Etleva Demollari said: "There are two reasons why this activity is titled "Dealing with the Past". Firstly because this is the title [...]

Training seminar at the National Museum of Secret Surveillance

Yesterday, the National Museum of the Secret Surveillance "House of Leaves" in cooperation with the OSCE Presence in Albania, held a seminar with witnesses of communist persecution. This seminar, within the museum's educational programs, aims to train witnesses of communist persecution in Albania on how to accompany pupils and students during visits to the museum. Also, this training serves to create a standard format for the program "Remember for not forgetting". At the end of the seminar, participants were given certificates.

Speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama at the opening of the National Spy Museum, “The House with Leaves”:

In my view, this is a very important moment of the culmination of a great deal of work carried out to give life to this Museum, in a location which history had determined to be a place where young mothers should give birth to their children, and then it transformed it into a place where fear was generated every day and was propagated from the walls of the leaves house. There are many sayings about the relationship of the past with [...]