“Dealing with the past”

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the toppling of Enver Hoxha’s statue, in the National Museum of the Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves” was developed the activity “Dealing with the past”. This activity, attended by the Ambassador of Switzerland in Albania, Christophe Graf, was developed in English language.

In the greeting speech, the Director of the Museum, Etleva Demollari said: “There are two reasons why this activity is titled “Dealing with the Past”. Firstly because this is the title of short documentary films realized by the Marubi Film and Multimedia Academy with the help of Embassy of Switzerland in Albania. These documentaries will be donated to the museum. Secondly, because the Museum is also a product of Albania’s engagement in the process of dealing with the past, but also an activist in this debate by commemorating, confessing and discovering. In addition to attracting domestic and foreign visitors, the National Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves” wants to turn into a space for debate by helping define the past of Albania and discovering the truths”.

Ambassador of Switzerland in Albania, Christophe Graf, told to the students to reflect on the communist regime and to put themselves in the positions of those who had experienced it at that time”. Quick changes are always dangerous, he said, and can bring  totalitarian regimes “. He also encouraged them to be active citizens