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Tickets: ENTRY TICKETS: 700 ALL FREE ADMISSION DAYS: April 18 – International Day for Monuments and Sites and the World Cultural Heritage Day May 18 -  International Museums Day May 21  - World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development June 5 - World Environment Day  September 27- World Tourism Day  September 29 - National Cultural Heritage Day November 28 - Independence Day of Albania Last Sunday of every month (except June - July - August) FREE ENTRANCE FEE: Official statedelegations. Members of the ICOM – ICOMOS Museums’ professional staff Journalists. Tour Guides Children ÷ 8 years.   Note: Please save the ticket until the end of the visit. To gain free access or reduced fee you must submit the relevant document.



The Ministry of Culture successfully completed the muzealization of the building, collaborating with Studio Terragni Architetti Como - New York, Studio XY comm, Milano, State Information Service, Archive of the Ministry of Interior, Albanian Telegraphic Agency, Albanian Institute for Persecuted People, Institute for the Studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences in Albania, The Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture, Albanian Human Right Project, Foundation Culture Europe, National Library of Albania, Central State Film Archive, Central State Archive, Klan National TV, Albanian Radio Television, Albanian Authority on Access to Information on the Former State Security Service. The working team: Artan [...]


Sector 08 : Panopticon – Panakustikon

It can be translated as “the place from where you can see and hear everything”. The other meaning of the first word, according to which the second was built is that of an ideal prison, conceived more than two hundreds years ago by the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The Utilitarian did not believe in the utopia of a perfect society. Communism was such a utopia. The claims to realize it brought society to a total control, similar to Bentham’s prison. The clinic’s laboratory was used for film developing, for manufacturing of keys to open doors and safes. Illegal opening of [...]


Sector 06: Every day life

Surveillance was used for all social strata and categories, because none of them was immune from persecution; a priority was that class or category that was considered as potentially dangerous at a given moment. A word, a song, a casual meeting could quite well be considered hostile activity. A telephone interception list is shown. This list was taken from the archive of the Ministry of Internal Affair. Tirana of the 70's had about 1,500 family telephones that were given by special authorization from high State bodies. They were given mostly to Nomenclature families or to those who had connections with [...]


Sector 05: Intermezzo

Private life under the communist regime was completely unprotected from State intervention, because the ideology had a collectivist character and the party-State was omnipotent. With regard to the family, the state played the role of the patriarch, who should know everything and decide everything. Secret interception via microphones was just one of the ways in which the State penetrated every home, capturing intimate conversations whenever and how often it wanted. When an individual was declared an enemy, it fell like a curse on the entire family. In this sector visitors can see a typically living room of the 70's with [...]